Custom bedclothe reactive digital printing

Our fabric designer offers 2 options. Upload your repeat design and upload your designs to place on the fabric. Next, the loads will be repeated for the chosen meters requested.


For repeated designs we only need 1 repetition

A seamless print is a rectangle or square (the tile) that repeats your motifs without seams or visible breaks. The edges of a seamless repeating tile match up perfectly when duplicated across the width and length of the fabric. When a pattern doesn’t repeat seamlessly, it creates break lines or incomplete pattern areas.

One repeat seamless image

A perfect image repeated

Millions of continuous repeat designs for high resolution digital textile printing can be found in online image databases such as:


For the placed design, the maximum file size is the width of the fabric x 400 cm
At a 300 pixel inch, these can be large files. Please use, they will accept files up to 2 GB. If you need the FTP transfer option for larger single files, please contact us.
B2B with a minimum order of 50 meters category 2,  300 cm wide, used for bed linen and curtains for full width assembly.


Pressing the start now button
you will be directed to our online fabric designer,
through this tool you can design the fabrics to your liking.



Min. 50 meter 280 cm-300 cm width in category 2 Can be a combination of 2 designs/files
11-24 per linear meter
80. PERCALE (30X27) 100% COTTON 250cm 110gsm €12
81. PERCALE (30X27) 100% COTTON 280cm 110gsm €12
82. PERCALE (30X27) 100% COTTON 300cm 110gsm €13
83. PERCALE POPLIN 200TC 100% COTTON 280cm 120gsm €15
84. PERCALE POPLIN 200TC 100% COTTON 300cm 120gsm €17
85. SATIN 210TC 100% COTTON 280cm 115gsm €15
86. SATIN 210TC 100% COTTON 300cm 115gsm €16
87. SATIN 300TC 100% COTTON 300cm 130gsm €17